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Increase your sales with our affordable eCommerce services! Easily sell products, calculate shipping, taxes and keep track of inventory. Sell as many products…or as few as you want. You can even sell downloadable products! With our affordable eCommerce services, you can focus on your business.

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Your WooCommerce Experts

Keep it simple Sellers! With a fully responsive website design and eCommerce platform, you’ll be able to increase your conversion rate and grow your bottom line across all devices…which is paramount in today’s landscape. Customers can easily shop on their mobile devices and can enjoy secure payments with Stripe, PayPal and many other payment options.

What’s Included With Our eCommerce Websites:

  • Complete content management capabilities.
  • Excellent user experience (UX).
  • Promotion and discount code tools.
  • An easy-to-use shopping cart and checkout.
  • Search engine optimized code and layout.
  • Reporting tools built into the site.
  • An integrated blog or articles section.
  • Email marketing integration.
  • Multiple payment options (Credit card, PayPal, PO, Terms, etc.).
  • The ability to scale up!
  • Affordable eCommerce services moving forward.

Your WooCommerce Experts!

A solid online store can be the foundation of your business, and we understand how important it is to utilize the latest technology to increase your profits. Our affordable eCommerce services and web shops offer amazingly productive standard features and functionality while staying completely customizable!

There are many features available to tailor the customer experience and gain valuable insights into their behavior. We’ll build you a custom solution that matches your online brand and eCommerce goals. We provide full SEO services for our web shops too. We build on the WordPress CMS platform and are your WooCommerce experts!

Building an eCommerce website without SEO is like having a garage sale without any signs to point people to it..no one will find it or buy anything.

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eCommerce Is Changing…and So Should You

Many online shoppers cite bad site design and navigation as a primary reason for abandoning a cart or choosing simply not to check out with an individual retailer. An eCommerce store needs to be easy to navigate and have decent readability and white spacing to keep potential customers engaged. It also needs original content that will entice shoppers to buy your product. Also contributing to conversion issues are giant ecommerce sites like Amazon or eBay, where shoppers have gotten used to a particular way of shopping, this is where half of consumers start their searches…and many don’t need to look further.

Independent stores are losing out here. While search engine optimization helps drive the other half of online shoppers who begin their search on Google, one thing is very clear: the function of individual online stores has fundamentally changed.

In the current multi-channel retail environment, online stores are no longer just a brand’s digital cash register. They must also be shopping destinations that provide unique online experiences unmatched by their competitors or the industry in general. You need to stand out.  Your ecommerce website is a form of media…your media channel…and you need to start thinking of it in this way.

You Need Killer Content That Converts

A huge part of conversion rate optimization is User Experience (UX). As stated above, your store is basically your own media channel. So what keeps people watching? You need to provide as much information, opinion and experience as possible. It needs to be original, unique and optimized…unboxing or how-to-use videos add to the experience. Why let customers leave your site to find information and reviews when you can provide it for them?

The goal is to keep shoppers on the page, and good content is one way to do it. Another is a clean, easy to navigate design that is thoughtfully laid out and will make users want to dig deeper. Making it easy for customers to contact you with questions (and being lightening fast with your responses) is as simple as adding a contact form on the page.

Our Affordable eCommerce Services:

Product Descriptions

Unique, informative product descriptions are important if you want to sell online. Our search engine optimized product descriptions:

  • answer consumer questions. Good content will lower the inhibition to purchase and reduce returns by providing customers all of the information they need to make an informed decision.
  • compliment your brand with unique, stylized descriptions that will make you stand out in the the eCommerce crowd..
  • treat every product page as its own landing page for searchers to find. Supporting content is a great way to add to the experience, but it should never over shadow what you are selling.
  • are search engine optimized for your keywords.

Our product descriptions are 100% unique and will pass any plagiarism check. We include essential basic product information and specifications as well as in-depth reviewing and application research with our eCommerce services. We’ll find out what other people are experiencing; the good and the bad, and use all of the information to craft the perfect product description.

Product Categorizing & Tagging

A well-structured shop in which products and offers are clearly classified in classes of goods and categories make it easy for the customer to find the products they are looking for. Good categorization and tagging of your products:

  • will optimize the usability of your shop for visitors.
  • will make it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for while using the site search feature built into our eCommerce websites.
  • will improve your search engine rankings for your keywords.

We will classify and optimize each of your products into the most relevant and appropriate categories in your shop and will also provide appropriate keywords on request.

On-Site Search Relevance

Most visitors use the search function on eCommerce websites to find products and services on your site. An optimized search function is considered one of the most important usability factors in e-commerce markets. By implementing and optimizing your site search feature, you will:

  • optimize the usability of your webshop.
  • increase the relevance of search results on your site.
  • increase sales and conversions because more people are finding your products within your site.

We’ll examine the results of search inquiries made on your site and evaluate what people are looking for. Gain valuable insights into what products people are looking for on your site. Sometime visitors will use a different search term to find a product, which can help you tweak your keywords to better reflect user intent.

Media Tagging

Images and videos are important content for your website. They add value to visitors on your site and also provide search engines with another way to find you. They need to be tagged with relevant keywords. Proper tagging:

  • contributes significantly to optimized search results within your site.
  • increases your visibility and findability to search engines, which leads to more visitors.
  • increases your sites accessibility for visually impaired visitors by providing image and video descriptions that voice-aided browsers can read.

We will tag each or your videos and images with relevant and descriptive keywords. This can be overdone and hurt your SEO efforts, but when done properly will increase your quality score.

Category Descriptions

Our category descriptions are unique and informative and will enhance your entire product range. Properly linked and optimized category pages will trade page authority with your product pages to benefit your SEO efforts. Good category descriptions provide:

  • cornerstone content for your website that will build rankings over time. Products will change, but your main categories will be around for a while and can greatly benefit from good SEO to maintain authority.
  • a great landing page with linking opportunities to your main products. A properly linked category page will pull in a lot of natural page authority from your product pages.

We write category descriptions that hold-the-fort in terms of SEO while your products may change. Our on-page linking strategies will ensure that your categories and products are sensibly interlinked to pass page authority in the right direction.

Online Competitor Research

Online trade is booming and the competition is fierce in almost every niche. You need to pay attention to what your competitors are doing on a daily basis and adjust your strategy accordingly. This is especially important in business to business (b2b) settings. With good competitive research:

  • you can monitor what your competitors are selling and for how much. Compete in real-time!
  • you can spot emerging trends within your niche and act accordingly.
  • you can can keep an eye on any new incentives your competitors are offering like free shipping.

With some software and good old detective work, we’ll keep an eye on the competition for you and provide you with detailed reporting.

Market Sentiment Analysis

Consumer opinions on brands, goods, services, manufacturers, ad campaigns etc. are important to track. Market sentiment can change and spread at a viral pace. The e cigarette niche is dealing with this right now in light of emerging health and safety concerns. You need to be able to react quickly. With our market sentiment analysis services:

  • you’ll get an accurate measurement of the current mood and opinions of consumers in real-time.
  • you’ll get a detailed report of any current events and news stories that may have an impact on your business.
  • you’ll be able to make decisions with confidence and see potential problems before they go viral.

We’ll work hard to monitor trends and events in your niche and keep you informed of any potential problems.

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Mark just finished our new online store and we are extremely happy. It looks amazing and some of our products are already showing up on page one! He’s always there to answer our questions and gave us great training to add products by ourselves. He’s fast and meticulous. Thanks Mark!

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Awesome experience working with Mark. Very glad I used him, he puts in the time to make sure I can run my site effectively. He is a wealth of knowledge that I needed to get the vision for my website up and running. Very happy with his services!

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